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Heathrow Car Service specialises in cheap Heathrow Airport transfers. As well as our competitive flat-rate fares to and from the airport, we also provide minicabs between terminals at Heathrow Airport.

Our Heathrow Inter-terminal transfer service costs just £38, including meet and greet service.

Picture the scene: you are transferring between terminals at Heathrow Airport. Your incoming flight was delayed and you have much shorter window than originally hoped to make it to the gate to catch your next flight. Then you realise the flight is departing from another terminal! You could negotiate the crowds with heavy luggage (and perhaps children in tow), wait 15 minutes for the transfer shuttle and make a mad dash to security, stress levels through the roof. Or you could do your homework pre-departure, figure our whether a change in terminal is required and pre-book a Heathrow inter-terminal minicab transfer with Heathrow Car Service.

For just £18, you could be coasting through the airport in comfort and with ample time to spare. Our between terminal transfers at Heathrow are a cost effective alternative to public transportation options.

Travel times between terminals at Heathrow are as follows (approximately):

T2 to T3 – 10 minutes’ walk
T2/T3 to T4 – 20 minutes via shuttle train.
All terminals to T5 – 20 minutes on the Heathrow Express.

NB. T1 & T2 are located together.

London Underground trains also operate between the terminals, with an average journey time of 16 minutes.

If you have limited mobility or a tight turnaround time between flights, eliminate transit travel delays and stress by opting for a Heathrow inter-terminal minicab. As with all Heathrow transfer services, our minicabs between terminals at Heathrow Airport include meet and greet service. Our prices are competitive and we offer a ‘no hidden extras’ guarantee.

The flat-rate cost for an inter-terminal minicab at Heathrow is just £19, all-inclusive.

Heathrow Car Service is able to offer such competitive fares as we specialise in airport minicabs. What’s more, our offices are located right beside Heathrow Airport.

To find out more about Heathrow Car Service’s, between terminal minicabs at Heathrow, please call us on 020 3887 3844 (+44 (0)20 3887 3844 if calling from outside the UK).

Heathrow Car Service is a one-stop shop for minicabs at Heathrow Airport, with inter-terminal transfers priced at just £19.



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